Getting started

CPS will see your outdoor poster project through from beginning

Poster design & print

CPS offers poster design and print services to the highest outdoor advertising standards

Billboard building, maintenance & installation

CPS has exceptional experience in installing and maintaining billboards in every type of location

Areas we cover

CPS provides a full nationwide service

Finding sites

CPS will source the best sites to give your poster advertising maximum impact

Using your own real estate

CPS can help you make use of your own property to get your advertising message across

Our clients

CPS has a wide range of clients from many business sectors

Contact us

Contact CPS to get learn how we can help with your outdoor advertising



“Capital Poster Services are continually looking to enhance their operational workforce. We are able to offer a comprehensive training package to the inexperienced and opportunities for the experienced to enhance their skills base.

Interested! just click on the link below and attach your CV for further details”

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Careers with Capital Poster Services

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